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I am so excited that the new Mad Men came out last night but I am also kind of sad because it is the last season. I feel like it is the end of an era and now I have to find another new show to watch. I love this show because it is beautiful to look at and the costumes are amazing. I kind of want to watch the whole series all over again just to watch how the style on the show evolved from the 1960s slowly into the 1970s. Did you watch the new episode of Mad Men last night?








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Monday Inspiration

  • Stefanie

    Oh, I love Mad Men! Good that you reminded me that the new season is out 🙂

    Stefanie x

    • Last nights episode was great, looks like its going to be a good season

  • Abi

    I friggin love these posts you do! I love that 50’s era! Abi 🙂


    • Awe thanks for your feedback Abi! I wasn’t sure if anyone actually liked my Monday Inspiration posts.

  • Mad Men is one of my favourite shows! Can’t wait to see the second part of the final season.

  • I’m embarassed to say I have yet to start watching it, but the good news is I can do it in binge-watch mode 😉
    Have you already seen Breaking Bad? It’s unfortunately nowhere as stylish as Mad Men, but it’s the best series I’ve ever seen so far. The script and acting are top-notch.