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Laura Jane Atelier

30 before 30

I’m turning 30 soon and I took the time to look back at my twenties. Contemplating about all the things I have accomplished over the past decade, I definitely thought that by the age of 30 I would be in a completely different situation. (Pretty sure that’s the story of everyone turning the big 3-0) It just goes to show: you can’t always plan your entire life and sometimes you just have to embrace where life takes you. 

This list is inspired from my life before 30. It includes the many things I have done and those  I wish I did. For all of you still living through the ups and downs of your twenties, I hope you gain ideas and insight from my experiences. 

1. Live in a foreign country: I did a fashion design internship in L.A.

2. Invest in your education: I completed a BFA in painting as well as two fashion design diplomas. 

3. Live on your own with no roommates: I spent many years living on my own in Vancouver.

4. Get a signature scent: Still searching for one. I have many favourites.

5. Put your friends before men: Your friends are here to stay, men come and go.

6. Go to Las Vegas on a Girls Trip: I have bee 4 times.

7. Go to a music festival like Coachella: Still on my bucket list.

8. Learn to appreciate a classic martini: I developed a sophisticated palate for a classic vodka martini with a twist.

9. Get to know your parents as an adult: It is important to stay close with your parents, I most recently moved back to my home town of Victoria, B.C. Canada.

10. Go to a psychic: I find that its the cheapest form of therapy.

11. Go backpacking through Europe: I went to Italy for 6 weeks when I was 15. I still want to go back and see Paris. 

12. Learn to invest in your wardrobe instead of always buying fast fashion: Over the years I have learned that it is important to invest in classic clothing that will endure trends. 

13. Invest in quality skin care products: I take pride in using high quality skin care products and love my Clarisonic. 

14. Go on a blind date: I have done my fair share of online dating.

15. Wear sunscreen: you will regret it later on.

16. Take care of your teeth: A nice smile makes a great first impression.

17. Go to a dinner and a movie solo: I have done this several times while traveling and living in my own city. It is very liberating. 

18. Do a keg stand or shot gun a beer: Something that is still socially acceptable in your twenties. Glad I got that one out of the way.

19. Go on a road trip: Still want to do route 66.
Learn how to public speak: On the bucket list. 

20. Follow your dreams: I have struggled with this for years and finally decided to start my blog.

21. Learn to cook: A work in progress.

22. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise with friends: I have done this several times. Some are my fondest memories are the nights when I did this.

23. Hail a fierce cab: I learned this in NYC.

24. See a wonder of the world: I have seen Niagara Falls, still want to see more.

25. Learn another language: I took Spanish in high school, although I’m ashamed to say I need a refresher course.

26. Eat cake for breakfast: It can be fun once in a while. 

27. Sleep under the stars: I have star gazed before it’s truly magical.

28. Look up an old friend: Maybe thats what Facebook is for…

29. Splurge on an expensive piece of jewellery: I still want to buy a nice watch or diamond earrings. 

30. Sleep under the stars: I have star gazed before it’s truly magical.

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