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Laura Jane Atelier

8 Eccentric Old Hollywood Stars and their off screen scandals

8 Eccentric Old Hollywood Stars and their off screen scandals: Elizabeth Taylor scandals & more!

1. Humphrey Bogart became a “Casanova” to prove that he was not homosexual-

Humphrey Bogart was a great actor but ran into his most serious issue. He wasn’t sure if he was straight or not. So, Humphrey did what any man with an early twentieth-century perspective on the subject would do. Desperately, to prove to himself that he was straight, he bedded over a thousand women.

While things had changed in this century, back when Humphrey Bogart was famous. The most prominent aspect of a man-explosion of testosterone was never experiencing anything like the desire for other masculine men. 

The assertions are based on private talks Bogie had about suffering from his sexuality to the point of pondering suicide. Today, many people accept everything from loving both genders to simply being interested in trying anything they come across. However, in Humphrey Bogart’s day, admitting to yourself that you’d ever gazed at another guy was to set off a chain reaction of guilt worthy of its catastrophe film. 


2. Nudity offended Katharine Hepburn, in a weird way-

Katharine Hepburn is a famous film star who lived life on her terms. She became a vigorous opponent of nudity after apparently experiencing it once and loathing it. This version wasn’t limited to the concept of her being naked in front of another naked person. Or even encountering nudity in the real world.

Katharine Hepburn was so uninterested in anything that it even hinted at the desire that if a scene in which someone would display nudity, she’d storm out of the theater.

However, Katharine Hepburn enjoyed romantic relationships with women but was hesitant to take them into the bedroom. She pretended to be married to both women and men while appearing as if nothing was wrong. Kind of odd, right?

3. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton both had a “revenge mentality” and would get engaged to make each other jealous-

Elizabeth Taylor was addicted to both pleasure and drama. She married eight times in her life, had countless affairs, got drunk whenever she could, and took great satisfaction in the harm she inflicted. Her antics might be downright heinous at times. 

After marrying and divorcing Richard Burton twice, she was so distraught that she got engaged only to spite him. Elizabeth and Richard brought out the worst in each other. They both were always inebriated and acted out of character. Richard became enraged when Elizabeth missed a performance and flew to Vegas to marry Sally Hay.

Elizabeth was so enraged by the news that Richard was going to marry Sally that she announced her engagement to Victor Luna at the same time. Talk about a toxic partnership, right?

4. Lupe Velez was obsessed with the idea of death-

Lupe Velez may have been the strangest. In the end, the actress committed suicide. But not before meticulously arranging her assassination. She set flowers at her apartment, lit candles methodically applied makeup, chose an item of clothing, and approached death as if it were a fashion shoot. However, the endeavor was in vain for the living. There are no photographs of her farewell. 

5. Orson Welles loved expanding his nose-

If you think of nose jobs in today’s century, it is the idea of shrinking their noses to look sharp. However, for Orson Welles, he did quite the opposite.

Orson Welles was an actor, director, writer, and producer. He considered his nose to be far too small for his chubby face. So, he did what anyone with access to a studio makeup department would do: used SFX makeup. For each character he performed, he had a spate of false noses made, “The bigger, the better,” he said.

The celebrity was more concerned about his box of lost noses. Then his incomplete picture when he took an acting role on Black Magic while still finishing directing Macbeth. Orson Welles preserved his noses after finishing a film, named them, and kept them at his Hollywood house. Where he would periodically show them off at parties and do magic tricks with them. 

6. Cary Grant was an LSD addict- 

Cary Grant spent most of his acting career dealing with his hidden demons. He was born into a poor family in Bristol with a cheating father. The latter had needlessly committed Cary’s mother to an insane asylum. 

His third wife ultimately introduced him to LSD therapy after decades of suffering. What transpired throughout those sessions must have blown his head entirely. Grant used acid at least 100 times between 1958 and 1961. Instead of making his mind resemble the plot of Yellow Submarine, it converted him into an evangelical for a pick-me-up. 

If you’re wondering what LSD is, LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. And yes, it is an illegal street drug that comes as a white powder or clear colorless liquid. This drug makes you hallucinate all sorts of crazy things, and it certainly made Cary Grant a little “Ku-Ku” for it.

So, no doubt that Cary Grant had some issues!

Although Cary Grant was an elegant and sophisticated movie star, he practically never was granted interviews. Why? 

Well, no one wanted to interview him because the only thing he wanted to talk about was how much LSD he’d taken. In his previous interviews, he would also mention that he thinks and encourages everyone else to start taking acid too. Yikes!


5. The color purple terrified Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers was the British actor who played Doctor Strangelove. He was also a colossal jerk that few people could endure being around him. Onset, Peter would have screaming meltdown tantrums. He’d get all worked up over his wife, smashing dishes and threatening them with his shotgun. As a way of releasing his frustrations against individuals who were more powerful than him – directors, producers — he’d get low-level workers dismissed on movies.

He was also a little racist and believed in a lot superstitious. Peter Sellers heard that the color “purple” was the color of death. And so, became convinced that the hue purple might kill. He refused to be in the exact same room with anything purple and would throw screaming tantrums if he saw the color purple.

A little odd, right?

6. Jimmy Stewart found pleasure and was obsessed with smuggling things internationally-

Jimmy Stewart was a famous movie star and mild-mannered movie demeanor. He also flew a bomber across Europe during World War II. The French government recognized him for “extraordinary contributions in the liberation of France.”

But Jimmy had other things in mind too. This was in the 1950s, and Jimmy Stewart was tasked with transporting a yeti’s mummified hand from Nepal to the UK. He accomplished this by concealing it in his wife’s underwear. And according to his wife, “Jimmy enjoyed every bit of it.”


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