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Pinky, vintage couch, doily

It feels like Halloween is just around the corner now and I am starting to get excited about all of the festivities. Andrew and I are going to go to a haunted house this week. It is a scary maze with live actors that come out and attack you. I always look forward to going every Halloween. I started listening to this podcast called Haunted Places, and the first episode talks about The Cecil Hotel. It is a haunted hotel in downtown Los Angeles where a season of American Horror Story was filmed. I had to turn off the podcast last night because I was getting so freaked out. I then started to research the Cecil Hotel and realized that it is still open under a different name called Stay on Main. The next time I go to LA, I might have to stop by the hotel to scope it out.

pumpkins, fall,

Picking out pumpkins for props

Cute hanging strawberry out in the country

Pinky, vintage couch, doily

Obsessing over all of the cat-themed stuff at Charming Charlie right now.

Pinky winking at the camera

A Beautiful fall day out in Sooke last week taking photos




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