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Laura Jane Atelier

Pink Hair


I have been seeing pastel coloured ombre hair everywhere and wanted to try it. I already have blonde ombre so it was easy to apply the colour onto my lighter ends. There are so many different brands of hair chalk and washable dye to choose from. I went with Splat hair colour because of its low price point. I wanted to try two different application types one being hair chalk and the other brush on hair paint.  I found both of these products really easy to apply and the result were very similar. The main difference was that the hair chalk had more sparkle to it and a slightly softer colour. While the colour results were great,  However, they both rub off onto your clothes, skin, and all over your bed sheets. I would recommend washing your hair before bed (and avoid wearing white!).  I was really disappointed in both of these products for that reason. They also seemed to make my hair very dry. I have heard about other products that double as a conditioning hair mask while they add colour. Me & Mo creates a product where the colour fades out in 1-5 washes and your hair stays hydrated afterwards. I also like the idea of putting it on as a hair mask and then washing your hair, this way the product won’t transfer to all of your clothing.
After trying out the hair chalk and the brush on paint, I would rather splurge on a more expensive brand like Bumble and Bumble. 

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