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Pixi Beauty, GelTint and SilkGloss, Review, Sheer Cheek Gel




Pixi Beauty, GelTint and SilkGloss, Review, Sheer Cheek Gel

Pixi Beauty sent me the new GelTint and SilkGloss lip set along with the Sheer Cheek Gel. I have been loving all of the Pixi skincare prodcuts I have tried so far and have been super excited to start testing out their makeup since their skincare has been so amazing. Pixi has become one of my favourite beauty brands because the prodcuts are incredibly effective at an affordable price. I also love the packaging and that they don’t test on animals. I will be swatching the lip gloss and cheek gel on my Instagram stories today so feel free to follow along to see what the different colours look like.

Pixi Beauty, GelTint and SilkGloss, Review, Sheer Cheek Gel

GelTint & SilkGloss:

I was expecting the color to be very bright on my lips because it looked so bold in the bottle especially the bright pink gloss. I was actually kind of relieved when I applied the lip stain because the colors are so natural and perfect for an everyday look. When it comes to my everyday makeup look, I like to keep it simple especially my lips. I ususally wear a bright red lipstick when I am taking photos or going to an event. I love these lip sets because you can layer the silk gloss with the lip tint or wear it on its own for a subtle effect. I was surpirsed how moisturizing the lip gloss was on my lips, and it worked perfectly as a moisturizer with added shine.

• Step 1: Apply tint or gloss onto lips for a quick pick me up or layer first with the tint then top off with the gloss for added dimension

Product Details

• Long-lasting lip tint gives a beautifully stained effect
• Gloss keeps lips hydrated & nourished
• Adds a natural brilliance
• Use separately or layer
• Doesn’t dry lips out, hydrating
• Paraben free
• Not tested on animals

Pixi Beauty, GelTint and SilkGloss, Review, Sheer Cheek Gel

Sheer Cheek Gel:

I normally use a dry powdered blush that I apply with a brush, so this cheek gel was definitely outside of my normal makeup routine. I wasn’t sure how well the gel would blend especially using my hands compared to the typcal powered blush. I applied a small amount of the cheek gel after I applied my foundation and rubbed it in using my fingers. I was surprised how well the gel blended into my foundation giving me a natural looking flush. I found that the moist gel texture gave skin a dewy glow and natural flush more than your typical blush. It lasted on my cheeks all day giving my skin a fresh summer glow. I am so excited to try this gel out some more and possibly layer the different colors.

Product Details

This sheer, translucent gel creates a super natural flush of colour – the key to a youthful face. Applies easily with fingers for a fresh & healthy burst of colour on cheeks and lips. Keeps cheeks looking fresh and healthy all day long without the need for any touch ups. Oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Hydrating, moisturizing and skin-conditioning.

How To-Apply

Blend a small amount into the apples of the cheeks – use a sweeping movement rather than rubbing. Layer under cheek powder or bronzer to extend wear without having to touch up.

Pixi Beauty, GelTint and SilkGloss, Review, Sheer Cheek Gel

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