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Laura Jane Atelier

Along The Way

Last week I traded in my iPhone 6s for the iPhone 8+ and omg the camera is incredible! It is insane how much faster this phone is and how powerful the camera is. I love the portrait options because you can blur the background. I am kind of anal when it comes to my photos and only post photos from my DSLR edited in Lightroom. I have always wanted a high-quality portable camera that I can carry with me on a daily basis as a way to capture the small things that catch my attention every day. I felt like I was missing out on fleeting moments in life because of the size of my DSLR, but now I can capture the small moments in life and share them with you. I will always love taking photos with my Canon DSLR because the picture quality is incredible and I love Lightroom, but it is so nice to have another option finally. I downloaded the VSCO app on my phone so that I could use some of my favorite filters from Lightroom on my iPhone photos. Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from this past week. What do you think of the new iPhone 8+ camera?

I thrifted this ceramic floral pen holder for my desk last week.

A few of my new vintage finds from last week. I love that mushroom cookie jar!

I stumbled upon this vintage Airstream, and now I want one, I think it would be fantastic for photos.


You know it’s fall when the spiders come out to play.

Pinky’s face when I massage his neck in the morning.

Japanese desserts from a love boat I shared with Andrew last week.


Lush bubble bar I bought for a bath. It was so amazing I wish they weren’t so expensive.

Excited about the October theme for my calendar.

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