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I have been saving up some photos over the past few weeks of some out takes and behind the scenes from my daily life. I have been trying to take photos of my day to day life but I find it difficult lugging my camera around since it is a DSLR and a little bulky. I have been thinking about sharing my Instagram and Snap Chat Stories on here but can’t decide if the photo quality is good enough. I  look at photos all day and find it hard to share a photo from my iPhone because the difference in quality is visibly noticeable to me. I think I might share a few photos mixed in with my other ones next Friday and see if anyone notices the difference. What are your thoughts on iPhone photos?

Dahlia Flowers

Beautiful Dahlias at Long Meadow Farm 

Cat, Yawn, Tuxedo

Andrew managed to capture the most amazing photo of Boots yawning


A beautiful sunset out on location

wild bunny

Adorable wild bunny

Shadow, photography, silhouette

A quick snap of our shadows after taking photos

Rooster, Farm, Chickens

Rooster and chickens at Long Meadow Farm

Target, Lake, summer, Vintage, Fashion, Blogger, swimsuit, style

Swimming at the Durance Lake

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