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Cocoon Apothecary

Beauty products c/o Cocoon Apothecary 

Every week I have been trying to share with everyone new and unique skincare products that I have been trying out. I like to choose brands that are all natural, vegan and organic and Cocoon Apothecary is an amazing skincare line that fits into this category. I randomly stumbled upon the Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream   as a bonus sample when I ordered a bunch of products online from I was so in love with this face cream and decided that I needed to try more of their products!  My favourite products from Cocoon Apothecary are the Ancient Mud Face Mask, Rosehip Oil Facial Serum and the Rosey Cheeks Facial CreamThe mud mask is so cool because when it dries you can see all of the oil being pulled out of your skin and it detoxifies. I put it on one of my pimples and it pulled out all of the bacteria and helped it  heal faster. The face oil is rich in antioxidants and helps to balance my skin tone. A little goes a long way and I apply just a few drops to my skin every evening. The Rosey Cheeks is by far one of my favourite face creams  because it is so rich and Nourishing. It also smells like rose which is one of my favourite scents.

Audrey at Home, Audrey Hepburn

Book: Audrey at Home 

I recently bought this book on Amazon and I have been loving all of the beautiful photos and recipes by Audrey Hepburn.

Idol Collection, Cat printed Dress

Dress c/o Idol Collective

A cute cat themed dress that I will be featuring next week. Since it is cat themed I am pretty sure that Boots will be making an appearance with me.

Gentle FAwn

I found a cute gentle fawn sleeping under my car.

Craftsy Embroidery class

I decided to take an embroidery class online at Craftsy. I have been collecting vintage embroidery for a while now and decided to try and make my own. I feel like it is the perfect combination of art and fashion. I can’t wait to share with everyone my new designs.

Gentle Fawn

Cute Fawn!

Alex and Ani

Bracelets c/o Alex and Ani 

 A preview of some accessories that I will be wearing with one of my outfits next week.

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