Laura Jane Atelier

All I want is nothing more, To hear you knocking at my door





Dress: C/O AMI Clubwear – Sunglasses: C/O AMI Clubwear

Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar here) – Sandals: Old Navy (similar here) 

Ever since I met my new guy last Tuesday we have been spending so much time together. On Friday night we went out for dinner and drinks and on Saturday night we out for dinner and a movie. We weren’t going to hang out on Sunday because I kind of like spending my Sunday blogging and taking time to myself. I figured since it was a long weekend here in Canada that I would try to be spontaneous and hang out at the beach under the moon light. Sometimes I get set in my ways and find it hard to break my routine and accommodate new people in my life. It can always be a challenge to juggle friends, family and work. When I get busy I feel like I want to be there for everyone but I think it always good to know when you need a break and some time to yourself.






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