Laura Jane Atelier

Along The Way

Vintage Car Show

Andrew and I attended a vintage car show last Sunday.

Deer, Victoria

Cute backyard Deer

Woody, Toy Story, Vintage Car

Loved this vintage dashboard at the car show

Ghost, Vintage

Ghostly window reflection

This week has been super busy because I was on set for 15 hours on Tuesday. It took me a few days to recover because I was essentially awake for 20 hours straight. I was supposed to go back again on Wednesday but I was too exhausted and didn’t want to be there for another 15 hours. Working 30 hours in two days just sounds too intense to me. Andrew and I are heading over to Vancouver on Monday to attend Vancouver Fashion Week. I can’t wait to share all of my photos with you. Be sure to follow me on social media to see behind my scenes photos and videos.

Convenience store cat

Convenience store cat

Fisqard Lighthouse, Fort Rod Hill

I love visiting this lighthouse

Sea Shell

Pretty seashell I picked up last weekend

Giant Anchor, Fort Rod Hill

Giant Anchor at the lighthouse

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