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Barber & Fritz, Salt Spring Island, Review, Hair Care

Soft Hair Wash c/o Barber & Fritz – Soft Creme Rinse c/o Barber & Fritz

Finishing Water c/o Barber & Fritz 

I have been looking for a haircare line FREE from Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleums and Artificial Fragrances for some time now and I was super excited when I discovered Barber & Fritz because they not only make amazing hair care products but they are also made on Salt Spring Island which is basically next door to me. I was feeling really grossed out with my current hair care routine because my hair had a lot of build up from using so many different products and it needed a detox. I have been using Barber & Fritz products exclusively on my hair for a few months now and I can say that the difference in the over all health of my hair is drastic. I noticed that my hair sheds less now and is way thicker. My hair doesn’t feel heavy with Petroleums and my hair colour has so much shine compared to its previous matte finish. I am shocked that I went this long using drugstore hair care products because the difference is so drastic. Barber & Fritz also has some amazing dry shampoos and hair oils that I would love to get my hands on. I can say that I have become a loyal customer to Barber and Fritz and I will be buying these products again. Below is a brief description of the products I used.

Soft Hair Wash

“COTTON seed oil is high in Linoleic acid – strengthening rootsand strands and assisting in the prevention of hair shedding. High levels of Ceramides help rebuild the cuticle and cortexfrom heat styling, chemical treatments and over washing. COCONUT MILK soothesadds shine and slows graying and helps prevent hair loss.”

Soft Creme Rinse

“MACADAMIA oil – extremely high in the antioxidant SQUALENEand fatty acids. Macadamia nut oil nourishes, traps moistureand heals brittle ends. OLIVE oil helps repair split endsfights itchy scalp / dandruff, and deeply hydrates.”

Finishing Water

“ROSE HIPS high in essential fatty acidsomega 3 & 6. High in Vitamin Crejuvenate limpdull hairsoothes scalp, increases elasticity & repairs folliclesWHEAT GERM OIL an effective emollient high in Vitamins B & E helps repair split ends and thicken hair. Lightly scented with ROSEWOOD and PETITGRAIN.”

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