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Central Perk

floral dress

Black beret




 It looks like my RSS feed issue with Bloglovin still hasn’t been resolved so please bare with me. On a lighter note I definitely went on a bunch of Tinder dates this week. I am starting to get a little tired of meeting new people as well as trying to explain to them what a fashion blog is. The funny thing about the whole situation is this guy who I have been dating for about a month now named G has been reading my blog posts about all of my Tinder dates. The other day he texted me saying you have been quite the Tinder star lately. I thought it was kind of funny but I have nothing to hide and besides after we went out last Saturday I noticed that he gave his Tinder profile a face lift  and added new photos. As far as I’m concerned he’s just not that into me.






 1. Kate Spade New York bag 2. Eliza J Dress 3. Red Seychelles Heels 

Eliza J Dress

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