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Clay Lab, Custom Clay Mask,

Clay Face Mask c/o Clay Lab 

I love to use a face mask at least three nights a week as a way to relax and detoxify my skin. I find using a face mask to be a nice way to relax and it helps to remove all of the toxins from my skin. When I stumbled upon Clay Lab I got super excited because I was able to finally create a customized clay mask based on all of my skincare needs. I had so much fun creating this mask online and ended up adding so many ingredients; I got a little carried away but all of the ingredients sounded so amazing I thought I would create the ultimate super mask. You have 10 different categories of ingredients to choose from including the type of clay, essential oils, base oils, fruits, fruits extracts, botanicals, plant extracts and exfoliants. The mask comes as a mix of dry ingredients and you add a small amount of water to a tablespoon of clay and mix it together to create a paste. At first I was a little surprised that the mask came as a mixture of dry ingredients but now I am really into it because you get way more bang for your buck. I have been using this mask on a weekly basis and have barely made a dent into the mixture. At this rate my mask is going to last me for over a year which is incredible value. I would highly recommend Clay Lab if you want to create a custom mask based on your own skincare needs.

“Our products are handmade with joy in Traverse City, Michigan, using the purest ingredients available. CLAY LAB masks do not contain the extra preservatives, texturizers, and emulsifiers found in most commercial masks because they are created and packaged as a dry powder. Small amounts of the powder can be activated with water for immediate use.

“Our philosophy also extends beyond what we put in our bodies to what we put into the Earth. Our packaging is not only recyclable/biodegradable, but also easily reusable.”

Rose garden, government house

Fallen rose in the Rose Garden at Government House

Chic Wish Daisy Crochet set

Daisy kind of Love Top and Skirt Set c/o Chic Wish 

Chic Wish Daisy print Maxi Dress

Daisy Flair Frilling Off-shoulder Maxi Dress c/o Chic Wish 

Vivien Holloway London, Vintage fashion 1950s fashion, pinup girl

1950s replica from Vivien Holloway that I will be showcasing next week

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