Laura Jane Atelier

Country Bumpkin






Sunglasses: C/O AMI Clubwear – Dress: C/O AMI Clubwear – Necklace & Earrings: C/O Zinnia West 

My date last night ended up going really well, he took me out for a fancy Italian dinner and showed up with chocolates and flowers. I have dated guys for years and was lucky to get chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day let alone on our very first date. My expectations have been lowered to a level where I am happy when someone buys me a coffee and remembers to text me the next day. Going on a date with a gentlemen is really refreshing, now I know what it is like to be treated like a lady. I honestly felt like I was  Rachel McAdams in The NoteBook and I have no complaints about that.

I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous necklace and matching bracelet in the mail from Zinnia West  based out of Vancouver, Canada. I always wear super colourful necklaces and wanted to get something more neutral and found this grey statement necklace and bracelet to be beautiful and understated.






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