Laura Jane Atelier

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow






Jacket: Ivanka Trump РDress: Ivanka Trump РBoots: Harley Davidson 

My weekend started out fun until I ended up getting really sick with a sore throat and cold late Saturday night. My brother was sick all week and I kind of had a feeling he would end up making me sick because we live together and he was coughing all over the place. I felt like I was trying to fight something off all week and then on Saturday night my throat started to feel like rough sand paper. On Friday I went to a vintage fair with my friend but I didn’t buy anything because it was all over priced and I knew I could get the same stuff at the church sale for way less. On Saturday Andrew and I had a picnic in the park and took photos all day. The weather was beautiful all weekend with that crisp fall air and golden lighting which is ideal for photos. I was supposed to meet some friends for happy hour on Sunday but I had to cancel because I was too sick.

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