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Fall Comforts



It is no secret that I am not an amazing cook since I don’t host elaborate dinner parties and brag about all the new dishes that I have recently cooked. The only cooking story that I have to share is when I accidentally gave a guy food poisoning when I made him chilli in my crock pot. Since that mishap I have been absolutely terrified to cook any sort of meal involving meat for anyone including myself. I have decided that I will only cook certain things if I have my mom around to help me and give me cooking tips since she makes the best food. Since my mom isn’t always around to help I have relied on recipes using Ragu as a base for creating homemade dishes with my own twist.

As a healthy and low carb alternative to pasta I like to use spaghetti squash. I discovered this recipe when I was trying a low carb diet a few years ago and had a major craving for pasta. I try to avoid pastas and bread for the most part except every once in a while when I have my cheat meal. This spaghetti squash dish is really easy to make; all you do is slice the spaghetti squash in half and bake it on a pan with a little bit of water for 30 -40 minutes. After you bake the squash in the oven you take a fork to the centre and start scraping it to turn the squash into spaghetti. Once you finish creating all of your squash noodles you just add your favourite Ragu sauce and then you have a low carb alternative to pasta.

Visit Ragu for more recipes and the history behind the heritage of  Aussanta’s Italian tradition.








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