Laura Jane Atelier

Gentle Fawn





Jacket: Old Navy – Shirt: Old Navy – Pants: Old Navy – Hat: H&M (similar here) 

Bag: Old Navy (similar here) – Necklace: Stella and Dot 

When I first moved back to Victoria from Vancouver I was so shocked about the amount of deer freely roaming throughout the city. It’s not like I live out in the country but at times it feels like there are more deer than people walking around. The deer are so tame and don’t seem to flinch when you get close to them hence why they didn’t run away in these photos. This weekend I am going to go out with G again. On Monday he saw that I was on Tinder again and messaged me asking if things didn’t work out with moustache man. Well, things did not work out with moustache man and I can’t even remember why I stopped seeing G. I think I thought that he didn’t like me or I got too busy with work. These last couples of weeks have been a complete blur for me so I am just happy to go out on a date and not spend my Friday and Saturday night on a movie set like last weekend.







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1. Whistles Leather Bucket Bag 2. Sleeveless Embellished Top 3. ASOS Floppy Hat

4. Jacquard- Patterned Bomber

5. Drapey-Denim Pants

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