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Get Over It. Go Out With Somebody Else





Top: Design Lab – Culottes: Design Lab – Purse: Target (similar here) 

There seems to be a common trend when it comes to me and my luck with dating. I will go on about two to three dates with a guy and then he suggests that I come over to watch Netflix on our next date. I kindly say that It is too soon for me and I would rather do something else that doesn’t involve me being at his house. At this point they either don’t respond to my text and go completely MIA or they just make up some lame ass excuse and cancel our date all together. Well, this weekend seemed to pan out this way because JTT conveniently cancelled our date on Saturday morning saying that he was too hung over to hang out that night. He didn’t make plans to reschedule and simply went MIA which doesn’t surprise me. If you want to see if a guy actually likes you don’t go over to his house right away and if he still wants to hang out with you then he’s a keeper. I seem to be getting the worst luck with Tinder and have since deleted my account because it feels like a complete waste of time. I have been thinking about renting out a furnished place for a couple of weeks in Seattle over the summer. My mom really wants to come with me and take blog photos throughout city. I think I just need a change of scenery for a while and a break from dating awful Tinder guys.







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1. Lace Crop Top 2. Kate Spade Bag 3. Paisley Culotte Pants 

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