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Dial M For Murder

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Dial M For Murder
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Dial M for Murder
1960s Style
Duck Phone
Red Lace Dress
Dress: Adrianna Papell – Belt: Forever 21 (similar here) 

On Friday I mentioned that I was going to a haunted house over the weekend, well let me just say that it was the most frightening experience I have ever had. I was not expecting something this extreme and didn’t realize that it had live actors. There were two haunted houses, one of them was a maze in the pitch black with monsters jumping out at you. In one section I was being chased by leather face with a chainsaw and it was so dark that I hit my foot on something. I was then limping while trying to run away from all of the scary killers. I would recommend going to Evil Acres if you want to experience a crazy adrenaline rush. 
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