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My educational background is very interesting because it combines both my love for fashion and art. Before I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University I studied fashion design and marketing in Toronto and Vancouver. After completing a summer fashion design internship in Los Angeles, I soon realized that I wanted to take a break from the fashion world and rekindle my love for art and painting. It was always a dream of mine to go to Emily Carr so I applied on a whim not expecting to get in since it is a very competitive art program. I started Laura Jane Atelier as a way to combine my passion for both art and fashion. Styling creative and colourful outfits situated in beautiful settings is a way for me to express my creativity to the world. I treat every photo like a panting and make sure that it is a work of art. I was thrilled when DENY Designs took notice in my creative and artistic sense of fashion and asked me to curate a collection of home decor inspired by my outfit. I wanted to create a collection of home decor and art pieces that suited my style and fashion taste. You can shop my curated collection right here.

Here are some fun facts about DENY Designs:

  • DENY is a revolutionary custom home decor company that supports artists worldwide
  • DENY is a company for people who have an obsession for expression, color, for taking ordinary objects that are a part of our everyday lives (like a shower curtain, a pillow, or a duvet cover) and transforming them into objects with a story that expresses personality and individuality
  • With over 9,000 different designs and 170 artists worldwide, the options are endless.
  • Each unique piece is crafted on demand as soon as its ordered.
  • DENY’s mission is to spread the creative life across the world. We believe life is an art gallery, your art gallery. That your life can be a statement. Be curators of your everyday life. Fill it with art.









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