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L'Occitane, Peony, Beauty, Review, Peony Skincare products, Beauty Blogger, YouTube

Peony Collection c/o L’Occitane¬†

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L'Occitane, Peony, Beauty, Review, Peony Skincare products, Beauty Blogger, YouTube

I always love visiting L’Occitane because everything smells so good and all of the packaging is so beautiful. I am obsessed with anything French and love the idea of these products because they are made in France; I know this sounds kind of silly but there is something so romantic about it. I think apart of it has to do to with the fact that I have never been to France so I have a romantic vision of it in my mind and would do anything to visit Grasse the worlds capital of perfume.

I was initially drawn into the Peony collection because of the beautiful pink packaging. I know I shouldn’t judge a product by its package but it sure makes a difference when it is pretty and pink. All of these products have a beautiful peony fragrance to them especially the face cream.

Peony 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub:

This scrub is perfect for a gentle exfoliation twice a week and it left my skin feeling super soft and moisturized. My skin doesn’t feel dried out and tight after which is always a good thing. Certain face scrubs make my skin feel super dry and irritated after and this one made my skin feel really soft.

“This innovative gel formula transforms into oil to effectively clean and gently exfoliate the skin. Enriched with a perfecting peony extract, a micro-exfoliating agent and scrubing micro-granules, the gel rids of the skin from impurities and dead cells to reveal a perfect-looking skin. Gel 2 in 1, its formula can be used as a mask for a more intense exfoliation.”

Peony Perfecting Make Up Remover:

This makeup remover is a little strange because it comes out like a gel which is kind of unusual. The directions tell you to apply it onto a cotton pad and then wipe it on your face but I find that the gel doesn’t absorbed into the cotton pad. I had better luck applying the gel directly onto my skin and then removing the gel with a cotton pad. I really like this gel for removing my foundation but it irritated my eyes.

“This make-up remover with a glide-on and fresh gel texture removes impurities and make-up from the face, the eyes and the lips. Enriched with a skin-perfecting extract, it leaves the skin clean, supple and velvety.”

Peony Perfecting Toner: 

I would described this toner as lovely and refreshing. It feels like you are applying fresh peony water to your skin and the fragrance is intoxicating. If you are looking for a light and refreshing toner I would highly recommend this one.

“This perfecting toner without alcohol completes the cleansing process, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Enriched with a skin-perfecting peony extract, it softens, smoothes and tones the skin texture to reveal a radiant and perfect-looking complexion.”

Peony Perfecting Cream:

I would describe this face cream as really gentle and soft on the skin. My favourite thing about this face cream is the pretty pink colour and the soft texture. This cream is really nice because it absorbs well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

“This 24h-moisturization cream* with patented formulation** helps beautify skin, bringing glow to it and improving its texture. The skin feels intensively hydrated in all circumstances. The complexion looks fresh, luminous and rested, with an immediate radiance boost. The skin feels smooth, soft and velvety. Pores, fine lines and imperfections look reduced. Your skin glows with a fresh and natural beauty.”

L'Occitane, Peony, Beauty, Review, Peony Skincare products, Beauty Blogger, YouTube

L'Occitane, Peony, Beauty, Review, Peony Skincare products, Beauty Blogger, YouTube

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