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gingham dress

gingham dress








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1. I Scream, Cute Scream Bag  2. J.Crew Clare Cardigan 3. Library Assistant Dress

4. Charming Charlie Necklace  5. American Apparel Beret

I moved my site over to WordPress on Friday and I have been having a couple of glitches so please bear with me. I am new to WordPress and this is a learning curve for me but I am trying to be proactive and soak up as much as I can by watching tutorials online and I am attending a meet up next week. Yesterday I decided to go on yet another Tinder date and my married friend wanted to see what it was like so she pretended to bump into me at the coffee shop so she could meet him.  We were both sitting outside when we saw him walking towards us and I must say both of us didn’t recognize him. He looked completely different in person compared to his photos and needless to say I was out of there in 20 mins.

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