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Dress: Betsey Johnson – Belt: Charming Charlie (similar here) – Shoes: Vintage (similar here)

I recently discovered a mannequin that looks like me at a vintage clothing store in Victoria. My parents told me about this mannequin and I didn’t believe them until I went over to the store last night to have a look for myself. Andrew and I both went to look at the mannequin together and  he was even more freaked out than me. I took some photos of the mannequin sitting in the window with my phone so I could document this imposter. I sent one of the photos to my friend and her response back was OMG! She agreed that the mannequin looks like me and then she showed her boyfriend and he also agreed. I feel like Elaine in that Seinfeld episode where she discovers a mannequin in a store that looks exactly like her. My friend said that I am like Kim Catrall in the movie Mannequin where she plays a mannequin that comes to life at night in a department store. If you haven’t seen this movie you totally should because it is kind of funny and slightly creepy.

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