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I am not liking all this rain we have been getting in Victoria because it makes it kind of unpleasant when it comes to taking photos. I am excited about this weekend because I am going to meet this new guy I have been talking to everyday for almost a week. We talked on the phone for an hour last night and it was nice to finally hear his voice. We are going to do some blog collaborations in the near future because he is a photographer. Right now he has this ridiculous looking moustache that I don’t really like based on the photos I have seen. He said if the first date goes well he will shave it off so I am hoping that he will. What are your thoughts on facial hair?

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1.Women’s crossbody handbag 2. Kathy Jeanne Wide Brim Hat 3. Sugar Rush Statment Necklace

4. Watercolor Floral Print Skater Skirt



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