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10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You:
Over the years I have learnt a lot about dating through my own experiences and my friends. This list is something I wish I had when I was 23. 

1. He’s not texting or calling you.
2. He’s gone MIA for several days after a romantic evening. 

3. You have never met any of his friends. 

4. All of his plans are last minute. 

5. He only messages you when he is drunk. 

6. You never get to see him during prime time:  Saturday and Friday night. 

7. His future plans have nothing to do with you: He’s taking off to Mexico to go surfing and you don’t know when he is coming back. 

8. His online dating profile is still active. 

9. You never go out in public: watching a movie at his house isn’t a date. 

10. It’s been months and you have never met his parents. 
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