Laura Jane Atelier

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads






Top: Rachel Roy – Skirt: Rachel Roy – Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar here)

Shoes: Seychelles (similar here)

I am on set for a movie all day today which is super exciting because I haven’t done a movie since March. I tried digging up some dirt about the movie online but I couldn’t find anything. I like to try and find out some information about the movie beforehand just in case there is some super hunky actor on set. Based on the title of the movie it kind of sounds like a creepy horror movie. They want me to bring 5 different changes of clothes to the set tomorrow so I can change throughout the day and pretend to be a different person. I swear every time I show up on set with a bunch of different outfits to wear I never end up changing the entire time, if anything I am stuck wearing the same outfit on set for three days straight. I will  keep you posted if I find out any more details about the film, I am kind of hoping that it is a horror movie.






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