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Romper C/O Eva Jo 

I forgot that I was working on another movie today and didn’t receive my call time until really late last night. I am happy because my brother William is going to be on the movie with me but now my older brother feels left out because he was never cast in the movie for today. I think the casting director keeps getting my brothers confused because they look similar but who knows how they decide on who to cast. I am a little worried because my throat is starting to hurt again and I haven’t had time to go to the doctor. I tried to go to the walk in clinic yesterday but there was a huge wait time and they had to turn people away. Now I am just gargling my throat with warm salt water hoping that it will get better in a couple of days. It is a long weekend here in Canada with Thanksgiving on Monday so I am super excited to pig out on Turkey and Pumpkin pie.

Eva Jo is doing a Kickstarter right now and all of their rompers are $10 off when you buy them through the Kickstarter page. This romper is seriously so comfy and the knit fabric is super soft and lightweight.






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