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Stevie Nicks Favorite Beauty Products

Stevie Nicks Favorite Beauty Products

Hello lovelies,
Today I will be talking about Stevie Nicks and her favourite beauty products.

Stevie Nicks is a singer and songwriter best recognized for her work with Fleetwood Mac as well as her solo career.
In 1975, Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac and became an overnight superstar. She also had her own solo records. Nicks restored her health and vigour after years of battle with addiction (during which she continued to tour and release new records). In 1997, Fleetwood Mac reformed, and in 1998, they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Early Years
Stephanie Lynn Nicks is an American singer and composer who was born on May 26, 1948, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Stevie was supposedly inspired by her childhood mispronunciation of “Stephanie” as “tee-dee.” Barbara Nicks, a stay-at-home mom, and Jess Nicks, a business executive, met at Arizona State University. They became sweethearts in college and married in 1947.
Aaron Nicks, Nicks’ paternal grandfather and aspiring country star, was part of the close-knit Nicks family. Grandfather Nicks constructed a guitar for young Stevie and taught her well-known country music standards. Nicks was gigging with him in nearby gin mills by the time she was five years old. Christopher, her brother, was born about this period.

The Nicks family moved around Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and California as Nicks’ father ascended through the corporate ranks. Nicks attended at Arcadia High School after the family moved to the Los Angeles suburbs in 1963. She met her best friend, Robin, and joined Changing Times, a band modelled after The Mamas and The Papas, while she was there. Nicks’ time with the band was brief; her family immediately relocated to Palo Alto, California, where she attended Menlo Atherton High School. Stevie met guitarist and fellow songwriter Lindsey Buckingham, a classmate. They had a solid musical partnership and maintained a tight bond.

Lindsey Buckingham is a partner.
Nicks briefly attended San Jose State College after high school, but she dropped out in 1968. Nicks chose to stay in California rather than relocate with his family, this time to Chicago. She joined the local band Fritz, who had a limited fanbase, together with Buckingham. Before disbanding in 1971, the band opened for bigger bands including Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

Nicks and Buckingham were already passionately in love at this point. The two continued to work together and were soon signed to Polydor Records. Buckingham-Nicks, their first album, was released in 1972 and went mostly unnoticed. Nicks alternated between working as a maid, a dental assistant, and a waitress to make ends meet.
Concurrently, Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie suffered with band disputes and line-up changes. In 1974, the band began looking for a new studio and scheduled a visit to Sound City Studio in the San Fernando Valley, where Stevie and Buckingham had produced their album. Producer Keith Olsen demonstrated the studio’s sound capabilities by playing the Buckingham-Nicks track “Frozen Love” as Fleetwood Mac toured the facility. Buckingham’s guitar sensibility drew the band in.

Fleetwood Mac is a rock band from the United Kingdom.
Bob Welch, Fleetwood Mac’s then-guitarist, left the band a few weeks later. When Fleetwood needed a guitarist, he remembered Buckingham’s song and set up a meeting with him. Buckingham was requested to join the band, but he refused to work with them unless Stevie was included. Fleetwood consented, and Nicks and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975.
The newly formed band rapidly created an eponymous album, which debuted at No. 1 and went on to sell 3 million copies. Nicks’ songs were huge hits, especially the mysterious “Rhiannon” and the passionate ballad “Landslide,” which made her an instant sensation. Nicks’ flowing clothes and spinning onstage routines were showcased in subsequent tours.

The band began recording their sophomore album in 1976, but their personal lives were in complete turmoil. Nicks’ voice had been strained by the demands of travelling, so she sought medical care. The band was also going through a lot of emotional turmoil, and all of their romantic relationships were falling apart: the McVies chose to divorce, Fleetwood and his wife split up, and Nicks and Buckingham were going through a rough patch.
However, the band continued to record together, and their next album, Rumours (1977), was a smash hit. It topped the Billboard 200 list for 31 weeks, was certified platinum in the United States and the United Kingdom, and earned the group a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978. The band’s first No. 1 single was Nicks’ song “Dreams,” which was inspired by the group’s failing relationships. Nicks had a brief affair with Mick Fleetwood, a band member, and began an on-again, off-again relationship with Eagles drummer Don Henley at this time.
Stevie Nicks, who is forever adorned in chiffon, lace, and swaths of velvet, is best described as part rock star, part romantic gypsy. Her legendary music career was built on a foundation of exceptional talent and a love of the rock and roll lifestyle, which she reflected in spirit and style. Stevie’s 140 million record sales and 13 Grammy nominations say words about how important she was as a musician and icon, from her time onstage with Fleetwood Mac to her extended solo career.
Her hallmark style was shaggy blonde hair, doe eyes, and a pillowy pout, and her casual ’70s appearance has been imitated by women ever since (she single-handedly invented boho as we know it today). Today, we go headfirst into Stevie Nicks’ fantasy, filled with shady love affairs, hair secrets, and her beauty arsenal – which she uses to compliment (and sometimes cover) her party girl lifestyle.

Stevie was a magnet for the drama that comes with rock star status since she was a child. During her time with Fleetwood Mac, she earned a reputation for having a string of rocky relationships, many of which were with fellow musicians (drummer Mick Fleetwood, The Eagles’ Don Henley, and lyricist J.D Souther, to name a few). Stevie’s popularity was accompanied with a proclivity for partying, which resulted in a few health issues. Despite her striking looks, which set her apart from the (at least on the surface) polished entourage of female-led bands of the period – The Carpenters, The Seekers – and her commanding presence, she was not, and continues to be, a divisive figure. Playing to the beat of her wild drum is clearly a recipe for a devoted following.

Stevie’s style influenced a generation of ladies who wore torn chiffon and hefty platform boots (she reportedly owned 25 pairs). Her outfit was inspired by a Janis Joplin concert she attended when she was only 18 years old. Stevie noticed a girl in the audience wearing a’mauve-y pink chiffon skirt, high cream suede boots, with ribbons throughout her hair,’ as she put it. Stevie said that the first time she saw her, she knew it was her. From there, she developed her distinctive style into the style icon we know and love, which led to her collaborating with designer Margi Kent later in life.

Stevie famously told Elle in the United Kingdom. She claimed that she didn’t spend much time in the sun after the age of thirty because of her ‘party all night, sleep all day’ lifestyle. While avoiding the sun is beneficial to the skin, getting little sleep and partying are not. Stevie used to soak in any number of pricey, high-end products she could get her hands on to combat this. Crème De La Mer is her favourite. Stevie also recommended never sleeping in makeup and giving yourself a daily facial massage—ideal for when you’re applying skincare.

Stevie admitted to trying Botox in 2003, just ten days before Fleetwood Mac filmed a live performance in the United States. She stated, to put it mildly, that the consequences on her face were less than desired. She claims it dragged her face down and destroyed her lovely eyes, and she vows she will never do it again.

Stevie, a beauty connoisseur, chose products she admired in colours she adored. Her doe eyes were framed with lashings of mascara and a palette of warm browns and golds.

Her thick, dirty golden cascades were as famous as her quirky style. Her wild mane was a combination of genetics (and potentially slept-in volume).

Stevie admits to doing light exercise while listening to music she like, timing herself on various equipment with different tracks. The treadmill and the power plate (the ones you see in shopping malls that shake you around while ostensibly burning calories) are two of her favourites.

Favorite fragrance:

I’ve always imagined Stevie Nicks wearing an alluring, sensual, and witchy scent like Fracas (rumoured to be one of her favourites), so finding a Nina Ricci perfume on her vanity surprised me. I’m not sure when the photo above was taken (late 1970s?). It’s from the early 1980s, but it shows Stevie with her official photographer, Herbert Worthington III.

Nina Ricci used the same refillable spray bottle for multiple perfumes, thus it’s unclear which one is featured. It could be L’air du temps, a classic warm spicy scent created by Francis Fabron and released in 1948, shortly after WWII.

Nina Ricci used the same refillable spray bottle for multiple perfumes, thus it’s unclear which one is featured. It could be L’air du temps, a classic warm spicy scent created by Francis Fabron and released in 1948, shortly after WWII.

Fracas is a Floral fragrance for ladies by Robert Piguet. Fracas was first introduced in 1948. Germaine Cellier is the perfumer behind this scent. Tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Osmanthus, Narcissus, Lily-of-the-Valley, Carnation, White Iris, Violet Root, Coriander, Rose, and Rose Geranium are the top notes; middle notes are Tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Osmanthus, Narcissus, Lily-of-the-Valley, Carnation, White Iris, Violet Root, Coriander, Rose Geranium
Black Gardenia by Illuminum Haute Perfume is a Floral Green scent for women and men. Michael Boadi is the nose behind this scent. Buchu or Agathosma, Black currant leaf, and Black Currant are the top notes; Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, and Jasmine are the middle notes; and Musk is the base note.

Her dressing table: I’m not sure when this photo of Stevie Nicks was shot, but ever since I saw it online, I’ve been smitten with it. She’s sitting at a tiled dressing table, which has three goods that had caught my eye right away. A bottle (among medications), a jar, and a soap are all by Erno Laszlo.

It’s impossible to tell whether the bottle held a lotion, toner, or the Shake-It coloured treatment. On the other hand, I’m fairly certain the container held some sort of face powder. However, I could be mistaken because the same packaging was used for other products (including the well-known Active pHelityl cream). Active Phelityl is the soap on the far right.

Last but not least, Mason Pearson created the brush next to the container.

Dressing table number two: The product in question is a body oil from Neutrogena, which is one of their most popular items. In 1979, the packaging was shown in the advertisement above. The cap on this bottle isn’t the same as the one on Stevie Nicks’ tables because it’s a different shape.

Two Erno Laszlo bottles (lotion or Shake-It coloured treatment) can also be seen in the first image.

What she carries in her bag:

“It’s a lovely leather purse that I purchased approximately ten years ago.” ‘How come you don’t get a new bag?’ everyone has always wondered. My response is that I enjoy this bag. I’m not interested in designer bags, and I don’t have the energy to replace bags frequently.”

“I’m a traditionalist. For emergencies, I have a red Nokia flip phone. Because I had to be evacuated from the Latigo Canyon Fire in Malibu a few years ago, I dubbed it the ‘fire phone.’ I was alone and afraid, so I decided to acquire a little emergency cell phone. Otherwise, I’ll only pick up the phone if I’m close to a landline and have the time.”

“From Maui, [bandmate Christine McVie] sent me a container of Surfer’s Salve.” It works wonders on your lips and cuticles. I also use a lysine balm to help repair damage caused by extremely drying lipsticks.

“I have nearly ten packs of React-flavored 5 Gum. When I take a break from performing, I chew it.”

“Nothing beats ancient Polaroids, but I’m always prepared with my Canon digital camera.” It’s been scratched and scratched and scratched and scratched and scratched and scratch While learning to be a photographer, I snapped thousands upon thousands of absolutely insignificant selfies. But I’m thinking of giving in and getting an iPhone. I don’t need a phone; I just need a better camera.”

“Poshé’s topcoat polish is the nicest thing in the world.” Your manicure will last three weeks if you use it as both a base and a topping.”

“I’m without a wallet!” All I have is a small phone book that appears to be from a six-year-old. My assistant puts around $250 in it just in case I get lost in the shuffle. Because I don’t drive, I don’t have a driver’s licence; instead, I have a passport. So I’m not even sure what to put in my wallet!”

“Until I was 30 years old, I did my own makeup.” You make your makeup artist do it if you’re lucky enough to have one! It’s just more convenient – I have more pressing concerns than applying cosmetics! But when I do, I stick to a browns, golds, and mauves palette, as well as mauvey pink lipsticks. I don’t care about the brand as long as I can find something I like – Chanel, Clinique, Lancome, Revlon.”

“I have a great new hand cream and lip gloss from Paris called Votre Vouz. The lotion smells great, and there’s even a little lip gloss on top – it’s like a one-man show. It’s amazing, but it’s difficult to come by.”

“I’m the type of person that wears the same clothing today as I did when I was in Fleetwood Mac my second year.” I’ll be wearing a black velvet riding jacket, a black chiffon skirt, and suede boots on stage, as you know. I don’t make many changes!”

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