Laura Jane Atelier

The Age of Innocence

Shirt: Forever 21 – Skirt: Club Monaco – Shoes: Nine West – Sunglasses: Forever 21 
Necklace: Forever 21 

  I have had many wardrobe malfunctions throughout my life but there is one major incident that stands out for me. Over a year ago I was working as a receptionist at an accounting firm in Vancouver. I had just washed my cafe capri pants from J.Crew and I guess they had shrunk in the dryer, so I tried to do lunges at my desk to stretch them out. I did a very fast lunge and completely split the entire crotch open of my pants. They essentially became cowboy chaps and were just loose hanging fabric attached at the waistband. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do because the other receptionist wasn’t going to arrive for another hour. I was sitting at my desk hoping that no clients would show up to the office for a meeting. Unfortunately a large group of people arrived for a meeting in the boardroom. I couldn’t get out of my desk to escort them to the boardroom so I had to call someone from the other floor to come down and help. When the other receptionist arrived I ran home with a cardboard box around my waist so I wouldn’t flash anyone. Luckily I only lived two blocks away from work. On my way back I stopped by J.Crew and showed them my destroyed pants and got a new pair. In the end it all worked out and now I just look back and laugh. 

Do you have a wardrobe malfunction horror story? 

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