Laura Jane Atelier

The Dream Is Paris






Paris At Dusk Wall Art C/O Graham and Brown 

As a child I used to dream of far away places like Paris and New York. On summer road trips I fondly remember gazing out the rear window of my parents van as we drove through major cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. I was always so fascinated by towering sky scrapers and the bright lights and sounds of the big city. I spent most of my twenties exploring my long lived desire to live in a big city by moving to Toronto, Vancouver and spending a summer in Los Angeles.

I have explored major cities in North America yet I have not set foot in Paris and plan on traveling there some time in the near future. My interior design style is similar to my fashion sense in that I adore prints and colours and I am not afraid to mix the old with the new. I love the combination of vintage items like this floral chair juxtaposed against a new statement piece of art like this Paris at Dusk print from Graham and Brown. Building a space that reflects your hopes and dreams takes time and develops slowly through a careful exploration of your past, present and future. My personal space is an accumulation of my travels and time spent exploring as well as a combination of places I would love to visit in the future.





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