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The Extraordinary life of Farrah Fawcett and her favorite beauty products you can still buy today

The Extraordinary life of Farrah Fawcett and her favorite beauty products you can still buy today

The Extraordinary life of Farrah Fawcett and her favorite beauty products you can still buy today 

  • Farrah Fawcett, like many featured on this channel, was best known for her looks. What is interesting about her is that the attention started back when she was a child. According to her mother, sometimes neighbours would come by and ask if they could look at Farrah. She was also voted most beautiful three times in high school, her sophomore, junior and senior year. Even more shocking was that she was on a list of the top ten most attractive co-eds at Texas University in her freshman year. This list was notoriously tricky to get on and rarely achieved by a freshman.
  • Her looks brought her a lot of attention. When she made it to college, David Mirsch, a publicist in Hollywood, tried to get her to come to launch her career in Hollywood. He called her day and night, despite her telling him to talk to her parents instead. After years of pursuing, in her junior year of college, she dropped out. She took him up on his offer and moved to Hollywood, a decision that forever changed her life.
  • She first became known for a poster. Not a sign for playboy or even a significant publisher. She did her hair and makeup and provided the now-iconic red swimsuit. The poster ended up selling over 12 million copies and has become synonymous with popular media in the 70’s. As a tribute to Fawcett, the Smithsonian has a display explicitly dedicated to this poster. It features an original copy as well as a replica of the swimsuit itself.
  • Before she became famous, she appeared in the Dating Game. Those of you who do not know a woman would stand at a podium and ask three men questions, and they would be standing behind a curtain answering the questions. In the end, she would pick one of the men and go on a date with them. When the curtain was lifted, all three men got into a brawl. They could not stand that she picked man #2 after seeing how beautiful she was. It was later revealed that the episode was an April fool’s joke, and it had all been staged.
  • Farrah’sFarrah’s first and only husband was a man named Lee Majors who would become known as the 6 million dollar man, a role he played in a TV show by the same name. While they were married, she hyphenated her name instead of taking his alone. She was a dedicated wife, and she would be home by 7 pm every night to cook dinner before Majors got home. 
  • It was because of Majors that she landed her role on Charlie’sCharlie’s Angels. The couple would regularly play tennis with the producer for the show Aaron Spelling. The show almost didn’t make it to production, though, because the studio was worried that no one would want to watch a display with three female leads and no male main character. She eventually left the show, but no one can say for sure why. The most popular rumour is that Lee Majors was jealous of her success and how it kept them apart. They were described as ships passing in the night. Others say that it had more to do with money, and Farrah believed that she deserved more for her role on the show. Either way, she was obligated to do five seasons with the show. They reached the agreement that over the second and third seasons, she would make six guest appearances. They hired a new actress and introduced her as the younger sister of Farrah’sFarrah’s character.
  • Farrah was also known for her hair, called the “Fawcett Flip.” (show pictures). She supposedly maintained the blonde by adding lemon juice into her hair to help lighten it. She was also great at retaining the hairstyle herself. It mostly just involved blow drying your hair with a slight curl, flipping it upside down and then back up and boom. The hairstyle took off like wildfire in the 70’s70’s. She is one of the few women considered iconic for their hair.
  • Her marriage to Majors did not last forever, and reportedly that was his fault. One time when he was in Canada working on a movie, he asked his friend Ryan O’Neill to hang out with Farrah, and the two hit it off from there. They never formally married and had an on-again, off-again relationship. At one point, Farrah ended the relationship because she found him in bed with another woman. They got back together four years later, but most people believe it was just a publicity stunt, and she had another man on the side. When Farrah died,O’Neill was not in her will, but this boyfriend was. 
  • Most of Farrah’sFarrah’s estate was left to her son Redmond, that she had with Ryan. However, their relationship was far from ideal. He had notorious drug problems and was in and out of rehab all over the country. Tied in with his drug use was petty crimes. When he wasn’t in rehab, he was in prison. He even attended his mother’s funeral in handcuffs. He blames his parents for how he is, claiming that he would’ve ended up differently if he had been raised by someone else. 
  • Farrah’sFarrah’s success did not just lie in TV. Some of the best reviews of her career came from her performances in the musical. After Charlie’sCharlie’s Angels, she replaced Susan Sarandon in an off-Broadway production of Extremities, which ran for a few years. Three years later, a movie remake was done, and Fawcett played the same role. She did attempt another musical on Broadway, but she was reportedly much worse in this one. The play as a whole was a flop, and her acting was just one of the many issues.
  • Throughout her career, she refused to pose nude, despite playboy chasing her relentlessly. She finally gave in and did a semi-nude shoot for them in 1995. She was 48 years old at the time. To this day, it is one of their best-selling issues. 
  • She did make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in 1987, but it was an appearance many wanted to forget. She appeared intoxicated, and many of her fans started to believe she was on drugs. Many people in her life swore that that was not the case, but the rumours took down the rest of her potential career.
  • A seven-episode reality TV series tried to follow her life, but most people found it boring if not unbearable to watch. It reportedly did not show any of the exciting parts of her life and was filled with doing mundane tasks.
  • She died in 2009 from stage 4 anal cancer. No one talks about the day she died, though. The reason? She died five hours before Michael Jackson, who was still in his prime. It would have been hard for her to compete with someone of that level of stardom. Thus, most news outlets neglected to report her death.

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