Laura Jane Atelier

Time Traveller





I have some exciting news, I have become a Global Brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown. Every month I will be featuring a design trend based on a given theme. The challenge is combining my love for fashion with interior design, which is really fun for me because they are all related. For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by wallpaper and used it as a main source of inspiration for my paintings  during art school. I live in a house where every room has a different print of wallpaper and love the idea of surrounding myself around beautiful prints and colours. If you are a fan of unique and quality wallpaper then check out Graham & Brown because they have the most beautiful designs. I already have wallpaper picked out for my entire house including my office.

The theme for July is precious based on the appreciation for all things vintage and antique. The challenge is combining new wall art pieces with your attic treasures to create your very own museum of you, full of memories. My sense of style is a form of personal self expression and a reflection of my inner psyche. This outfit has a lot of sentimental value to me because it is a combination of something old, something new and something borrowed. My mom bought me this dress last summer for my 30th birthday, my necklace and earrings are an old family heirloom passed down from my great grandmother and my purse is a recent thrift shop find. I couldn’t resist this giant pocket watch clock from Graham & Brown because of its antique look combined with an element of fantasy. This giant pocket watch is a symbol for how precious time can be, traveling back in time to ponder your old memories and heirlooms can be a precious experience.






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