Laura Jane Atelier

50 Shades Of Pink

pink coat

pink kate spade dress
Charming Charlie necklace
black wide brimmed hat
Dress: Kate Spade (similar here) – Coat: ASOS (similar here)  – Hat: H&M (Similar here) 
My weekend was definitely interesting compared to last weekend which consisted of me in my pjs watching Greys Anatomy for 48 hours because I was sick. On Friday I went to the vintage fair and found this cute ceramic perfume bottle, I posted a photo of it on my Instagram. They had a vintage Alf stuffed animal and a bunch of California Raisins that I wanted to buy but I had buyers remorse and caved. On Saturday night I went on a double date which wound up being a triple date with one couple that my friend and I didn’t know. Once the triple date finished up G and I went back to his place to play Scene it? Seinfeld edition which was really fun because I kicked his butt. Unfortunately the loser had to take a shot of tequila every time they lost. I have a confession to make about my dating game. When I first start dating a guy I pretty much refuse to text him especially if we went out on a date the night before. I will even go as far as deleting their number so I can leave it up to fate. The problem with the iPhone is that you can’t permanently delete someones number which throws a huge wrench in my dating game. 

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