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Laura Jane Atelier

Along the Way

vintage cat oil painting

I love this cat oil painting at my parent’s house; it makes me inspired to paint a picture of Pinky.

Pinky, cat, kitten, doily

Pinky taking a nap with his doily

sunset, iphone 8+

The last glimpse of golden hour


Pumpkin shopping

Ever New Embroidered boots

I mentioned last week that I got the new iPhone¬†8+ and I have been obsessing over the camera by taking photos throughout my week. It has given me a sense a freedom because I don’t always have my DSLR with me. It had caused me to see the little things like a beautiful sunset or a cute face Pinky is making. I went to a psychic for fun a few years ago when I was living in Vancouver. She said that she saw photography in my future and at the time I thought she was nuts. This was before I started blogging and had no plans to start a blog but now looking back I think perhaps she was right because my whole life now revolves around photography. Have you ever been to a psychic?


I love my new vintage doll Andrew pointed out for me last week while we were thrifting. I would have walked right past it, and it makes me happy that he knows my taste when it comes to my vintage collectibles.


The sweetest horse, I want to go back and revisit him.

vintage diner

I love vintage diners.

boho christmas decor, Micheals

Obsessing over the new bohemian Christmas decorations at Micheals.


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