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Anna Nicole Smith’s Crazy Diet

Anna Nicole smith Diet

Anna Nicole Smith was born Vickie Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967.

She has become a cult American cultural figure. She first appeared in Playboy Magazine in 1992 and made a name for herself as the modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

Ana Nicole Smith started as the beautiful all-American girl who got discovered, and then she went to the story of a beautiful woman destroyed. Anna Nicole Smith’s life had such an insane and tragic life it almost seems like a screenplay. She married an 89-year-old Texas oil Mogul J.Howrad Marshall when she was only 26. When I was younger, I saw this in the tabloids and thought it was a little strange, but I didn’t know the whole story and didn’t think it is fair to label her as a gold digger necessarily. 

Anna Nicole Smith loved food, especially southern fried texas food. She felt the pressure to be thin in the 1990s as that was the popular look, and she later endorsed the diet pill trim spa. 

Anna would stress eat and gained a lot of weight after the death of her second husband, and people were cruel to her in the tabloids. She said when she is stressed or depressed, she couldn’t quit eating. 

After her husband’s death, she admitted to taking painkillers and went into a coma. She said she almost died and had to learn how to walk again and go into rehab. While in rehab, Ana was torn down and told she was nothing. 

“They say you’re crap. They say stuff like: ‘You’re no better than anybody else.’ It’s just horrible,” she explained.

The media was obsessed with her weight, especially since it fluctuated so much, and in the 1990s, people weren’t body positive. 

In 2004 Anna revealed to the public she was using TrimSpa to lose weight. She made an appearance at New York Fashion week with a slimmer frame and told everyone that she used Trimspa to lose 69 pounds. 

TrimSpa was a dietary weight loss supplement designed to support weight loss. It contained ephedra, which is supposed to decrease your appetite. The ingredient Ephedra was banned in 2008. Ana reportedly took 6 Trim Spa pills per day, which was the max dose for a single person. She also took laxatives and had a very restricted diet. “You eat, like, small portions, and you do it for, like, two weeks, and also they have a colon cleanser, and you’re just, like, on the pot all the time… You lose that weight quickly.”

Anna also claimed that her appetite was pretty much gone due to the Trim Spa supplements. She had to force herself to eat because she had no appetite. 

She told The Early Show, “I wasn’t unhappy at all until just everybody just started ridiculing me so bad. I just got to the point that it was just like, ‘My God, you know. Just shut up, everybody. What is the big deal?’ And then I just looked in the mirror. I’m like, ‘I am fat!'”

Ana, however, loved food and spent around $4,000 a month on food. She also craved foods similar to how Elvis Presley would crave food and binge eat high-calorie unhealthy foods. 

Anna’s favourite foods were mashed potatoes, gravy, pizza, fried bologna and cheese, biscuits, burgers and pickles. She loved hearty comfort foods. 

Anna was also a chocolate fanatic, and her favourite was Godiva Chocolates. She would demand Godiva chocolates for her photoshoots with Guess jeans, and her favourite combination was fried chicken and chocolates. 

Anna Nicole Smith worked as a Chicken slinger in Mexi, Texas at Krisper Fried Chicken before becoming famous. 

Anna dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and started working at Krsiper fried chicken. This is where she met her first husband, Billy Wayne Smith, who was a cook there. 

Later in life, she worked at Red Lobster and Guess founder Paul Marciano discovered her in San Antonia, Texas. He came up to her and said, “who are you?” She had never taken photos or modelled before. 

She moved from Texas to New York and was signed to a modelling agency. In her diary, she admitted to buying $3,000 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus and admitted to starving herself. 

When her reality TV show was on the air, it showed anna scarfing down pizza and pasta at an Italian restaurant. The show was a major hit when it first came out, and audiences couldn’t get enough of the star. It debuted in 2002 on E! and starred Anna Nicole Smith and a band of characters.

It was a reality TV show that many described as contrived (most of reality TV).

The show focused on her life after the height of her fame.

It showcased issues around her health, former modelling career, and financial struggles. It was quirky and funny, but it also highlighted Anna’s darker days. Many people think that Anna was taken advantage of during the filming of the show, and as a way to pick up Tv ratings, she was portrayed in a negative light. 

Anna Nicole Smith was one of the first tv reality TV powerhouses. The reality Tv show took a toll on her mental health. In 2004 when she introduced Kayne West at the American Music Awards, she acted very strange and slurred her words. 

Anna had a lot of health issues due to her breast implants, including chronic back pain and seizures. The night before the AMA, she had two seizures, so she was most likely on a lot of pain medication during the show. 

Sadly, Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8, 2007, at 2:49 p.m of an accidental overdose. She numerous different drugs in her system and passed away at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. 

I felt so sad when researching Anna Nicole smith because it seems like her death was preventable. She was super sick and needed medical attention and should have gone to the hospital, but she was too afraid of the media frenzy. She had a high fever and infection from objecting Human growth hormones for weight loss. 

Strangely enough, she had the same drugs in her system that were also found in Marilyn Monroe’s system at the time of her death. Anna Nicole Smith was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and people compared her to the star, and it is very strange and ironic that Chloral hydrate was found in both of their systems at the time of their death. 

Anna had so much tragedy in her life. A year before her death, she had lost her son and had a baby girl. Her son died while he was visiting his mother’s hospital room after she gave birth. He died from a lethal combination of antidepressants and painkillers. Anna was devastated by this news. 

Anna Nicole Smith’s life was briefly filled with both glamour and tragedy. She will always be remembered as a sex symbol and cultural icon. 

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