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Dress: Design Lab – Kimono: Design Lab – Hat: Club Monaco 

My date on Tuesday night with Tinder guy went really well. We went out for Italian food and then walked the sea wall and watched the sunset. At the end of our date he asked if me if I wanted to go out on Thursday and I said that I had another Tinder date and then we settled on Saturday. My original Tinder date for tonight went MIA so now I am going out with my Tuesday Tinder guy instead tonight. I really need to think of a nick name for him besides Tinder guy. I kind of like the idea of naming him after a character from a movie or TV show like I did with Justin Bobby. I told him on our last date that I needed a nick name for him and he seemed to be into it. I will have to do some brain storming to come up with something. Any suggestions?







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1. Floral Kimono 2. Crocheted Maxi Dress 3. Wide Brim Fedora 

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