Laura Jane Atelier

Blooming Bouquet

Jacket: J.Crew (similar here) – Dress: H&M (similar here) – Hat: Target (similar here)
Bag: Target (similar here)
My Tuesday night movie date with Tinder guy went really well or at least I think it did. I feel bad calling him Tinder guy so I decided that I am going to start calling him G after the first initial in his name. The funny thing is that he reads my blog because I told him I was going to write stuff about him and our dates. When we were having a drink before the movie he brought up that he had read my post for that day and mentioned how I said I was nervous to see him.  I guess I kind of saw it coming, if he had a blog I would most definitely check it out.  Sometimes I write these posts forgetting that people are actually reading them. 

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