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Boscia, BB Cream, Konjac cleansing sponge, BB eye brightener review

B.B. Cream – B.B. Eye Brightener – Konjac Cleansing Sponge c/o Boscia

I have been really sick with the flu all week so I wasn’t able to get out and take anymore outfit photos hence why my usual Friday post has been pushed to Thursday.  I literally haven’t left the house since Sunday and I am hoping to get out today and take a few photos so I will have a new look for everyone tomorrow. A part of me just wants to go out and get some fresh air because I am so tired of being sick. I spent some time cleaning up my vanity yesterday and decided to take a few snaps of how I keep things organized. I don’t know about you but I always love to see other peoples vanities and find them to be so intriguing. I feel like you can learn a lot about a person by checking out their vanity.

When my old  Clarisonic died on me after 7 years I decided to try using a Konjac Sponge as an alternative. I used this bamboo charcoal infused one from Boscia morning and night for about a week and noticed that it slowly lost its deep charcoal colour. I really enjoyed using this Konjac Sponge because it worked well as a gentle exfoliator and helped to draw out impurities. However, I ended up ditching the Konjac Sponge and bought a new Clarisonic again. I honestly have nothing against the Konjac Sponge but I couldn’t get the same cleansing and exfoliating properties as the Clarisonic with the Konjac Sponge.

The Boscia B.B. Cream and the All in One B.B. Eye Brightener Cream have been apart of my regular beauty routine since day one. I use the B.B cream more as a primer and sunscreen because it has SPF 27 and acts as a nice base before I put on my foundation. I find that it creates a lustrous finish and it hydrates, firms and smoothes my skin. I noticed that it helps to minimize my pores and self adjusts to my skin tone. I would not recommend this B.B. Cream if you are looking for a significant amount of coverage. I find that I still have to wear concealer and a foundation over top of the B.B. Cream.  This is my first time using a B.B. cream designed specifically for the eye area and I must say that it is rather interesting. The B.B. Eye Brightener is basically a combination of an under eye cream and concealer all in one. I find that a little goes along way and one pump is almost too much for both eyes. Again, I didn’t find this B.B Eye Brightener to have a huge amount of coverage but I use it more as a base around my eyes before I apply the rest of my makeup. I have tried many B.B. Creams in the past and found that most of them irritated my skin and clogged my pores and these Boscia products haven’t caused any problems. I can say that I would for sure buy them again because they are great for multitasking and add longevity to my foundation.

All products are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

lipstick storage solutions

I couldn’t figure out how to store all of my lipsticks and discovered that a dessert stand seems to do the trick. I also use it as a charging station for my NuFace facial toning device. Full review to come.

hollow book

I have been using these hollow books that I found at Michaels as a way to store all of my makeup and keep my vanity looking clutter free.

makeup storage solutions

See it is all tucked away and hidden inside the hollow book.

skincare storage ideas

I found these giant glass jars at a thrift shop a while back and I find that they are perfect for storage and give my vanity that vintage apothecary look.

vanity storage ideas

I use this wooden man as a way to store my Konjac sponges and this cute vintage milk glass bowl as a place to keep all of my face cleansers.

makeup brush storage ideas

I found these vintage glass trays at the thrift store and they work perfectly as a place to store my makeup brushes and hair elastics.

vintage luggage

I bought this vintage suitcase and started using it as way to carry all of my makeup and accessories when I go to photo shoots. It even has a built in mirror and little pocket for extra storage.

vintage luggage

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