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Crunch Time






When I used to live in Vancouver I always dreaded laundry day because that meant lugging all of my clothing to the basement of my apartment building or even worse a Laundromat. I am pretty grateful to have laundry in my house now so I don’t have to worry about lugging my laundry around. That being said there is something really nostalgic about hanging out in a Laundromat; it reminds me of being in a movie or a television show. There is always that classic scene where someone accidentally leaves their red shirt in a machine and the next person does a load of whites and all of their clothes turn pink. Over the weekend I decided to kick it old school and hit up a Laundromat and enjoy some of my favourite past times like eating my Nestlé® Crunch® bar while reading my favourite magazine and drinking a slurpy. It was kind of nice to spend some time away from my computer, paint my nails and just relax. It felt like I was taking a trip back in time to the days before the internet existed when people used to frequent Laundromats and make small talk with a stranger.

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