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Dress: Old Navy – Scarf: Old Navy (similar here) – Shoes: Old Navy (similar here)

 I always thought it would be kind of cool to fall in love with an operating system like in the film Her. We  spend most of our time communicating with people over the internet or via text which is essentially like communicating with an operating system because you never get physical contact with the person. My best friend lives in the USA and I am lucky if I get to see her once a year yet we text everyday. I think I went an entire year without even talking to her on the phone and when she picked me up at the airport it was like nothing had changed because we had been texting everyday. Sometimes we make jokes about how each of us is each others operating system.

I most recently discovered that you can now have an invisible boyfriend for a small monthly fee. This virtual boyfriend comes with a photo and communicates with you via text whenever you want. You can design your very own dream man with all the characteristics that you have always wanted and he will even leave you voice mails and send you letters.  I am seriously tempted to get one for a month just so I can see what it is like and then tell you all about it! It honestly sounds kind of amazing! If you want to get your own  virtual boyfriend then check out their site at

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