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Laura Jane Atelier

I bought Marie Antoinette’s Bed at an Auction. Guess how much it was?

I bought Marie Antoinette's Bed at an Auction. Guess how much it was?


Hello lovelies,
I recently bought this Marie Antoinette-inspired bed at an Auction. I originally wanted it for my apartment, but unfortunately, the headboard couldn’t fit up the staircase to the second floor because it is 7 feet and 7 feet wide. I ended up putting it in the spare bedroom at my parent’s house. It was a struggle getting it into the guest bedroom, and the bedroom door was taken off to fit the bed inside. The movers had to come back the next day to put the bed inside the bedroom because they couldn’t figure it out that day. They eventually had to flip it upside down to fit into the room. I wanted to get some Marie Antoinette-inspired bedsheets and found this cute set on Society 6. I also showcased a Marie Antoinette-inspired perfume Black Jade as well as her favourite Rose tea by Ninas in Paris.

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