Laura Jane Atelier

October Marshall’s Haul

I never ended up going to see The Martian last night because I got booked to work on a movie at the last minute and had to wait for my call time all night. I usually don’t get my call time until later in the evening, which means I have to be constantly checking my email to confirm with my agent. I was also kind of scared to leave my house last night because there were 4 cougar sightings in my area yesterday. One of the cougar sightings was a block from my house which made me think that they would make their way over to my yard. I had a feeling all of the cougars would eventually wander into the city because my neighbourhood has been completely over run by deer. Hopefully I won’t run into one of the cougars on my power walks.

I have been meaning to do one of these haul videos for a while now but my voice was too scratchy to go on camera. I was finally feeling well enough to get in front of the camera yesterday so I decided to share with you some of my recent finds from Marshall’s.

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