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Dress: Design Lab – Beret: Free People – Necklace & Bracelet: Charming Charlie (similar here)

I am really freaked out because I found mouse droppings in my office yesterday when I was cleaning up. I knew that there was some random mouse roaming around my house because both of my brothers and I saw him in the kitchen late at night several times. The situation has escalated because now I know the little bugger likes to hang out in my office which totally freaks me out! I feel like the mouse is getting smarter because he won’t take the bait in the traps and manages to eat around them which is even creepier because I know that he was out and about while I was asleep. I don’t know why I am sharing my Mickey Mouse horror stories with you but I thought it was kind of funny and now It sounds like I live in absolute squalor which isn’t the case. My house was built in 1907 so it has a lot of random places for a mouse to hide, hopefully Mickey Mouse will be on his way sooner than later.

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