Laura Jane Atelier

Summer Pineapple






My look – Top: H&M – Culottes: H&M – Backpack: C/O Erica Harel

His look – Top: H&M – Shorts: H&M – Sunglasses: RayBan

I was so happy when my brother agreed to model in these photos with me, I told him that I would buy him a foot long sub if he agreed to be on my blog haha. He already models in Monday Magazine with me so I don’t see how this is any different, besides I think he kind of likes doing it but he will never admit it. I did a “What’s in my bag,” YouTube video featuring this Erica Harel backpack on yesterdays blog post. I wanted to do a style photo shoot wearing it so you could see how versatile and boho chic it is. I feel like I could wear it with so many outfits, the possibilities are endless.

I was suffering from a major fear of missing out syndrome over the weekend because everyone and their dog was at Rock The Shores except me. Rock The Shores is a two day outdoor musical festival featuring the Black Keys. I was going to go on Saturday to see the Black Keys because my older brother said he could get me in for free. Unfortunately, I never ended up getting a free wrist band and both my brothers wound up going without me. I also kept seeing everyones photos on Facebook and felt like I was the only person in the city who didn’t go to the festival. Oh well, maybe I will go next summer.







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