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Before I started blogging I always wondered what a fashion blogger did everyday and how they managed their time. I had no idea how much effort it takes to run a blog, and I must say that it isn’t work for me because I love it and wouldn’t see my life any other way. My blog allows me to be independent and have creative control over my brand. I love that I never know what tomorrow or next week will bring. I wake up every morning excited to check my Inbox because I never know who will be emailing me next.  I decided from the very beginning that I would always be truthful about my personal life and opinions. After all, I am just like everyone else trying to find themselves in this crazy world. Finding your voice is no easy feat and can be a challenge especially if you are trying to stay true to yourself  and what you believe in.

I love using U By Kotex because the packaging is so fun and colourful. The bright colours and compact design make my time of the month a breeze. I also love that the fun prints look so darn cute in all of my bags. You can purchase U By Kotex with the bonus Kleenex wallet pack at all Walmart stores across the USA.  Check out the image at the bottom of this post for an example.







CleanWear Pad (1)


Thank U by Kotex for sponsoring this post, all my opinions are my own.

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