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Picnic In The Park






Top: Old Navy – Shorts: Old Navy – Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar here) – Bag: ASOS (similar here) 

Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here) 

The other day I was swiping on Tinder when Jude Law came up, at first I was like maybe he’s filming a movie in Victoria and then I realized that Tinder is now using the app to promote movies. They were trying to trick me into swiping right so I would watch the trailer for his new movie. Shame on you Tinder if you think I would be fooled, lets be honest its pretty unlikely that Jude Law would be on Tinder. I am going on a date tonight with the guy I met on Saturday night. He hasn’t read my blog yet but I plan on giving him my business card over dinner so he can have a look once our date is over. I don’t like giving out my blog to  guys before I meet them because I feel like it is an unfair advantage. I guess I am kind of asking for it by sharing my personal life with everyone but still I don’t think I am asking too much by wanting to meet someone before they read about what I did over the weekend. It can be very tricky when you are dating and have a blog that talks about your personal life. I still find it very enjoyable to share all my stories with everyone and won’t let a bad date get in the way of that.







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